Quote From My Friend

Suka banget baca status-status nya Rey di FB.
Kata nya sih semua nya dia quote dari mana...gitu...
Karena suka banget, jadi mau aku simpan disini aja.

last night I sent an angel to watch u over while u were sleeping..he came back early and I asked why.he said :"angels don't watch other angels"~unknown

forgive your enemies..but never..never forget their names~JFK

you asked me whose life was more important yours or mine..I said "mine"..you walked away angrily not knowing that you are my life

I was standing in the park wondering why the frisbees get bigger as they get closer.then it hit me~unknown

its amazing how someone can break ur heart,but u still love them with all d little pieces~unknown

a stranger stabs u in d front,a friend stabs u in the back,boyfriend stabs u in the heart,but best friend only poke each other with straws~unknown

never tell your problem to anyone...20% don't care..80% glad u have them

"Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end." ~ Unknown

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